Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

CELL-CUP: 13-19. 08. 2022.


 Dear Handball Friends,

we would like to thank you all who registered to this year’s edition of Cell-Cup.

 It is with a heavy heart that we need to deliver sad news once again to every teams concerned.

 Cell Cup 2022 needs to be cancelled, rendering our organizing efforts and all the work invested thus far in vain. The uncertain international situation and the economical difficulties in its wake, aggravated by additional objective conditions resulted in the necessity to cancel the tournament.

 We are very sorry about this. Hopefully, next year the world will be a more normal place.

 That having been said, if you have already made arrangements for this program in your calendar, we would be more than happy to assist you with the organization of a training camp in the the summer, even at the previously proposed dates of the cancelled tournament, or at any other time of the year.

If you are interested, please visit the following link for our customized offers.


 Wishing you all the best.
 kind regards:
 Süle Nándor
 Cell-Cup 2022




CELL-CUP Veszprém 2022 - International Handball Tournament



The Organizing Board proudly announces the 2022 edition of Cell-Cup International Handball Festival. Handball teams of different age groups are invited and encouraged to participate at one of the largest handball tournament of Europe. Cell-Cup celebrates an over 26 years long history of successful tournaments. It is also our tradition to reach beyond the usual boundaries of a sporting event and make Cell-Cup a real festival, where various cultural and recreational programs complete the experience. As a result, more than 120 teams from all around the world visit Cell-Cup every year, many of them as returning guests. Be one of them and let us enjoy this great festival together in Veszprém!




Main patron of the festival:


Dr. Tünde Szabó

Minister of State for Sport

            Main patron of the festival:


           Péter Ovádi 

           Member of the Parliament

Honorary main patron of the festival:


Dr. István Simicskó

Chairman of Defense Sports Federation







Gyula Porga

Mayor of the city of Veszprém




Dr. Kálmán Soós 

Chairman of VMKSZ