Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

Summer Camp: 01-07. 07. 2019.
CELL-CUP: 11-17. 08. 2019.

2019. 01. 28.

The registration deadline is over! Teams from 21 countries will be here!

The last chance to participate! We can accept some new teams in a limited number! Would you like to join to them? Austria, Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egyip, Germany, Hungary, Israel, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Norway, Latvia, Poland, Ukrain, Taiwan, Spain, Sweden, Senegal, Romania.


Are you ready for Cell-Cup 2019?



The event itself, as its name shows, originated from a little town in Vas County, namely Celldömölk, 22 years ago.

It has nowadays become one of the greatest handball festivals in Europe, where beside the high-quality, exclusively indoor games, we provide all participants a wide range of special free-time activities in order to make their 6-day stay an unforgettable experience. The headquarters of Cell-Cup are in Veszprém, the City of Queens, the home of Champions League participant Telekom Veszprém Handball Club.

Our handball festival is a highlighted event of the European Handball Federation.

Join us, be our colleague.

Are you also in love with the handball sport? Would you like to be a member of the International Cell-Cup Team? Would you gladly be working with us for the success of such a fascinating festival? Are curious, how you could earn money or even participate the event free of charge?

In a positive case, all you have to do is getting in touch with us
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