Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

CELL-CUP: 09-15. 08. 2020.

Cell-Cup 2020 canceled

Covid19 update:unfortunately the 2020 tournament is canceled! Read more....

Dear Sports Colleagues and Friends,

Our life and the world around us has slowly been transforming. It seems we all need to accommodate ourselves to circumstances where the control is exercised by a virus and the various measures and restrictions introduced to suppress it.

According to the latest governmental regulations no larger events can be organised before August 15, 2020. This regrettably undermines our persistent work to organise this year's Cell-Cup, in addition to all our other cups and training camps planned so far.

In a last desperate effort we inquired all affected partners and teams about a potential one day shorter program between August 15-20 (5 nights, 4 game-days). Based on the feedback and the general uncertainty, we are afraid we have to share sad news with you.

The many unpredictable factors both in Hungary and internationally compromise the safe conduct of the event even in the proposed new date. A this point nobody, not even at governmental level (Ministry, National Operative Group), can guaranty or declare anything for certain.

For these reasons we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Cell-Cup International Handball Festival, for the first time in the tournament's 24 year long history.
There have been complications and challenging times before in the past (Yugoslav wars, post 9/11 situation, economic crisis), which our tournament has withstood successfully, and yet, along came a tiny virus and the fear and uncertainty it generated and derailed our efforts.

Shall the global situation normalise and turn for the better, it may be possible for us to proceed with smaller cups and training camps planned for later this year, but for our big events like Cell-Cup we all will definitely have to wait another year.

I confidently hope that next year nothing will stop up from creating something truly great and unforgettable for the 25-year anniversary edition of Cell-Cup.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best, success in your sports and coaching career, and most importantly good health.

Kind regards,

Cell-Cup Team

Cell-Cup 2020 canceled

2020. május 25.