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Torna 2013

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Duration of matches, rules of the game, the order of events, referees

FA, LA categories: 2 x 25 minutes
FB, LB categories: 2 x 25 minutes
FC, LC, FD, LD categories: 2 x 20 minutes

FE, LE, FF, LF categories:

2 x 15 minutes

  • Matches are held in different fields at the same time, every team has to have its own trainer.
  • Rules of IHF and of the Hungarian Handball Association are applied.
  • Depending on the number of entries, the system of the events can be group, all against all or mixed type matches. It will be decided at the time of drawing, regarding that each team has the opportunity to play in at least five matches.
  • All places will be decided during the tournament.
  • Matches are lead by invited foreign referees and by delegated referees of the Hungarian Handball Association.


All participants need:

  • valid passport
  • identity card or a student card

All teams need:

  • name list with addresses, (min. 12 max. ....players plus 2 companions)
  • valid sport doctor's certification
  • two different colored sports dresses
  • at leas one ball

to present to the referees before the matches.

Upon request, players must provide certification ahead of the match.

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