Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

CELL-CUP: 13-19. 08. 2022.

30. 05. 2022 - Deadline of invitation letter request

In case you need an invitation letter for the visa procedure to enter the Shengen-zone, please send detailed information before this date and make sure pre-payment has been made. For more information about the procedure: CLICK HERE

26. 06. 2022 - Registration deadline

In order to assure your participation in our festival at the advertised rates and to be able to book the available types of accomodation, you need to register your team by this deadline and transfer the amount of pre-payment to our bank account.

30. 06. 2022 - Deadline of pre-payment

After the online registration the confirmation letter will include the automatically calculated amount of pre-payment. The amount shall be transfered to our bank account by this deadline.

31. 07. 2022 - Deadline of the teamlist upload

By this date you need to upload the requested details of your players and team members by the online My Team Info. It is needed because of the faster check in to the accommodation and because of the manufacturing of the coded and personalized Cell-Cup Cards (Gold/Silver). Changes after this date cannot be made!

13. 08. 2022 - Teams' arrival, technical meeting

The teams arrive to Veszprém and before to check in to the accommodation they register to the tournament. At night technical meeting for the trainers and coaches where they get every needfull information about the tournament system and they get answers to their questions.

14. 08. 2022 - First gameday

The games start according to the shedule. Amuzing opening ceremony at the night.

15. 08. 2022 - Second gameday

Games according to the shedule. The Cell-Cup Party opens it's gates for the players. At night VIP evening boat trip for the coaches and trainers.

16. 08. 2022 - Third gameday

Games according to the shedule. Cell-Cup Party for the participants. At night VIP reception at the Mayor's Office for the coaches and trainers.

17. 08. 2022 - Fourth gameday

Semi-finals according to the shedule, semi-finals. Cell-Cup Party for the participants at night.

19. 08. 2022 - Fifth gameday, finals, closing ceremony

Games according to the shedule, finals. Bye-bye Cell-Cup Party for the participants.

19. 08. 2022 - Teams' departure