Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

CELL-CUP: 09-15. 08. 2020.

Would you like to be a referee at one of the biggest handball festival in Europe?



      If yes, you only need to:

  • register on the website
  • attach your license and references
  • and if you fulfill all criteria (based on the decision of the tournament board) you can blow your whistle right away...
  • assist 3 to 6 matches a day

      In return, we will provide you with:

  • accommodation at Hotel Magiszter
  • 3 meals a day (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
  • Cell-Cup VIP Card, which entitles you to join all VIP programs (Trainers' Night, dinner reception, opening and closing ceremonies + all evening parties for the participants)
  • a selection of Cell-Cup gifts


Dear handball friends!

Please fill out this form to enable us register you as future referees of the tournament!

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