Cell-Cup Veszprém
International Handball Festival

CELL-CUP: 13-19. 08. 2023.


  • Players may compete in their club's team according to their age category or in an older category.
  • Circulation of a player between a club's different teams of the same age caterory (A, B,...etc.) is not permitted.
  • The list of names of the players broken down into categories shall be handed over upon arrival at the registration. Only players on the list are allowed to participate in the matches.
  • Each team needs to consist of at least 12 players. While there is no upper limit for the total number of participants in a team, only up to 16 players can be registered to each game, with the names clearly indicated on the match protocol sheet.


  • MA-M18 / WA-W18 categories:       2 x 25 min
  • M16-M14 / W16-W14 categories:   2 x 20 min
  • M12 / W12 categories:                   2 x 15 min


  • size 3 - MA, MU18
  • size 2 - WA, WU18, WU16, MU16, MU14
  • size 1 - WU14, WU12, MU12


All participants need:

  • valid passport or
  • ID card / student card (EU citizens only)

All teams need to be equipped with:

  • a complete list of names with addresses, (min. 12 players plus 2 companions)
  • valid sport doctor's certifications
  • two different colored sports dresses
  • at least one ball

to be presented to the referees before the matches. Upon request, players must be able to provide proper identification and proof of age at any time before the match.

Each team must have their own trainer or acting coach. The organizers will not acknowledge and cannot take responsibility for any problems, claims or scheduling conflicts arising from insufficient number of trainers.


  • Matches are held in different venues at the same time, therefore each team must have their own trainer.
  • Rules of IHF and the Hungarian Handball Association are applied.
  • Depending on the number of entries in a group, the scheduling can vary between group, all against all or mixed-type systems, based on a principle that each team has the opportunity to play at least five matches.
  • All rankings will be decided during the tournament.
  • Matches are lead by invited international referees and by delegated referees of EHF and the Hungarian Handball Association.